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ADHD Prescriptions have Risen 46%: Big Pharma Better
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ADHD Prescriptions have Risen 46%:
Big Pharma better at Pushing its Drugs?
Death and Taxes website:
DJ Pangburn
June 20, 2012

The perception over the last two decades has unequivocally been—at least amongst medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, teachers and parents—that children have grown ever more hyperactive and unable to pay attention. Or, at the very least, many millions of Americans are going undiagnosed every year. The recent FDA study into the 46% rise in ADHD prescription would seem to support this perception.

Psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies say it’s simply a matter of misfiring brain chemistry, not other factors such as bad parenting (no basic rules or punishment), occasional bad teachers, learning that is standardized and non-dynamic, and an emphasis on conformity instead of encouraging kids to just be themselves. However....

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